May 8-10, 2017
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH USA

2017 MESA International North American Conference 

This event is included with your IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Show Conference Pass!

Find business value where “Manufacturing meets IT” at MESA’s annual conference. MESA, a non-profit, volunteer industry association, has lived at the intersection of Manufacturing and Information Technologies for over 25 years. They’re bringing their global community of thought leaders and industry professionals to Cleveland to help you discover the real value of Smart Manufacturing.

The Real Value of Smart Manufacturing

Tired of hearing about Smart Manufacturing? Ready to meet with people who live it everyday? Want practical steps to deliver results yourself? Then connect with MESA – industry professionals who volunteer to share best practices and further our collective thinking and move us all forward together.

Manufacturers, Producers and Solutions Providers alike come together within MESA to get past industry hype and focus on what’s real. There’s room for you!

The MESA NA Conference will have:

How it works:
  • MESA members, Staff and volunteer leaders will be available throughout the conference (all 3 days!) to share ideas and insights with you.
  • SMART FIX EVENT - Attend MESA’s facilitated, noncommercial fix event to get your manufacturing problems solved and learn about issues you may face in the future.
  • Half speed networking, half speed problem solving -- and 100% fun with snacks and beverages! Bring any question about how to use IT to solve problems in manufacturing from the plant floor throughout the enterprise. Gain powerful insights simply by showing up and joining a discussion table. Co-hosted with the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition.


    1:00 - 1:15  Fix event overview with news about latest research and programs from
    1:15 - 2:00  Join a 'Fix' Table Topic
    2:00 - 2:45  Join a 'Fix' Table Topic
    2:45 - 3:00  Fix event overview with news about latest research and programs from
    3:00 - 3:45  Join a 'Fix' Table Topic
    3:45 - 4:30  Join a 'Fix' Table Topic

  • The facilitator will give everyone at the table a chance to say: their name, role, and then a minute to present. Each person can ask a question about the table topic, share what they are trying to fix or need help with, or share a win about something they recently fixed regarding the topic.

  • After each person is introduced, the facilitator will chime in with a piece of advice and give the people at the table a chance to add expertise or ask additional questions about what was just presented. If the group is stumped, MESA experts will answer the question sometime at the show or shortly after.

  • Tables are limited to 15-20 people max, so be sure to Join a 'Fix' Table Topic before the session starts. Tables run for 35 to 40 minutes giving 5 to 10 minutes to change tables. There will be a few open tables for random topic discussion and a main table of MESA experts to field any questions. Table topics will be posted before the show, if you would like to submit a table topic email

  • Smart Manufacturing Track, produced by MESA: one of the six tracks within the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo, brought to you by MESA International. MESA will shape the content and bring the subject matter experts that best demonstrate the “real value” of Smart Manufacturing. Sessions in this track will highlight the business value of solving plant and enterprise-level manufacturing challenges with IT-based solutions.

Who is MESA International?

MESA is a 26-year old not-for-profit industry association helping manufacturers understand the role and value of IT-based solutions in manufacturing. Our professional networks, Working Groups, subject matter expertise and educational materials are non-commercial and aimed at sharing best practices to raise the knowledge baseline for all of our members. For more about MESA, visit

Why co-locate with IndustryWeek?

IndustryWeek's focus on helping manufacturers improve their businesses aligns closely with MESA's mission. MESA's expertise in leveraging advanced IT-based solutions to give manufacturers a sustainable competitive advantage helps complete the picture IndustryWeek looks to paint. This collective team offers an opportunity to bring real value to industry in these uncertain times.