May 8-10, 2017
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH USA


MESA Smart Manufacturing

Industry leaders share practical, forward-looking perspectives on what's new, what's different, why you should care (today) and what you can do to realize your share of the value at stake in Smart Manufacturing.

  • A Simple Start to Smart Manufacturing
  • The Future of Manufacturing: Industry 4.0, Data Analytics & Manufacturing Apps
  • Cybersecurity - Data & Software Regulatory Compliance in the Cloud
  • Journey Toward A Connected Digital Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Real Time Process Control & Data Analytics in a High Volume “Smart Factory”


Manufacturing Technology Strategies

Latest technology tools and strategies to improve operational efficiency and boost productivity.

  • Robotics
  • IoT/Smart Manufacturing
  • 3-D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality



This track provides best practices and strategies to build a better workforce. We are seeking topics in these broad areas.

  • Recruiting/Retention
  • Education/Training
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Engagement


Advanced Continuous Improvement

Veterans of lean and continuous improvement, and who may oversee multiple facilities. They are seeking ways to sustain their initiatives as well as introduce more complex strategies.

  • Hoshin kanri
  • Level scheduling
  • Just in time production
  • Lean inventory
  • Servant leadership
  • Lean maintenance


Continuous Improvement Fundamentals

This track targets individuals and work teams at the start of their continuous improvement journey.

  • Introduction to lean Sigma
  • 5S
  • How to create a visual factory
  • Choosing KPIs
  • Kaizen events
  • Value-stream mapping
  • The Gemba Walk
  • PDCA



This track targets leaders from all facets of the manufacturing sector who are charged with guiding their facilities and organizations through a transformational period in U.S. manufacturing.

  • Instituting hoshin planning
  • Building the agile organization
  • Leading the IoT transformation
  • Profiting from the circular economy
  • Leading through acquisitions and mergers
  • Developing a values-based company
  • Leading the lean facility
  • Building a winning culture


Industrial Design Engineering Tracks


IoT Track

The Internet of Things is a paradigm shift of technology; creating a world of data analytics and sensors. For the engineering community, this translates to several new product lines entering the market.

  • Instruct engineers on the essentials of IoT
  • How to install and program sensors to how implement and secure new communication networks
  • Inside The Wireless Technologies Enabling the IoT


Manufacturing Practices Track

The engineering workforce is changing as new improvements and production processes are introduced. The education model for engineers is also in flux as we move away from a labor force to a design force. This track will cover some of the latest advancements in manufacturing.

  • Benefits and how to use new technology life 3D printing and additive manufacturing
  • The changes in the engineering labor force to increase engineering education
  • Help develop better motivated employees


Assisted Engineering Track

Several new technologies enter the engineering community to help improve the design and manufacturing process. These technologies included design and simulation software, cloud computing, and collaborative robots. This track will discuss how to use these technologies and the best way to start using them in established and new work environments.

  • Robotics and the Work Environment
  • The Modern Benefits of Design Simulation