Confirmed Sessions to Date (by Track):

Continuous Improvement Fundamentals Track

Session Title: IW Best Plants Panel: Lessons Learned on the Journey of Operational Excellence
Speaker Names: Best Plants Winners Panel

Session Title: Apply Continuous Improvement Methodologies to Improve Yield in a People-First Culture
Speaker Names: Tom Brown; James Korich, Brewer Science

Session Title: Lenovo's BOLD Workout Delivers a Cultural Transformation
Speaker Names: Mario Bofill & Cliff Richards, Lenovo

Advanced Continuous Improvement Track

Session Title: Downtime Reduction Activities: Creating Baseline Data in Preparation for Industry 4.0
Speaker Names: Tony Topencik, The Raymond Corp.

Session Title: Toyota’s Floor Management and Development System – Toyota’s Engine for Leadership and Operational Excellence
Speaker Names: Sam MacPherson, Lean Leadership Academy; Jeremiah Duncan, Toyota

Session Title: How to Merge Two Separate Lean Cultures: A Case Study
Speaker Names: Edward Kestel, Orbital ATK

Session Title: 2017 IW Best Plants Presentation
Speaker Names: Best Plants Winners

Leadership Track

Session Title: The Secret to Unlocking Improvement in Every Employee
Speaker Names: Marc Braun, Cambridge Engineering

Session Title: You're Not Going to Like This: How to Have Tough Conversations and Not Lose
Speaker Names: Dustin Kaehr, Lippert Components

Session Title: Leveraging The Super Genius:  Drive MIT and CIA Thinking In All of Your Employees
Speaker Name: John Frehse, Ankura Consulting Group

Session Title: Leveraging Values to Accelerate Growth
Speaker Names: Kevin Young, Web Industries; Joseph Morgan, siY

Manufacturing Technology Strategies Track

Session Title: 10 Qualities to Look for in the New Robot Hires
Speaker Names: Ben Sagan, Mitsubishi Electric Automation; Mike Marseglia, Calvary Robotics

Session Title: IoT Programs: Land Them in IT or Continue to Struggle
Speaker Names: Steven Meyer, Intel

Session Title: A Three-Step Cybersecurity Battle Plan for Manufacturers
Speaker Names: Mike Brooks, SEEPEX; Todd O'Boyle, Strongarm

Session Title: Go! Go! Fighting Robots!
Speaker Names:  Gui Cavalcantia & Matt Oehrlein, Parker Hannifin

Session Title: Lean Manufacturing in the Age of Digital: How Digitalization is Changing the Economics of the Manufacturing Supply Chain
Speaker Names: Charlie Johnson, Proto Labs

Talent Management Track

Session Title: Case Study: How AGCO Leverages Recruiting Strategies and Solutions to Support Business Plans
Speaker Names: Joy Baumgarten, AGCO; Jeff Mills, SAP SuccessFactor

Session Title: Case Study: Insights from Siemens' Workforce Program to Attract and Retain Top Talent 
Speaker Names: Mike Starich, Orion Talent; Mike Brown, Siemens Americas

Session Title: Insights into Steel Partners' Next Generation Talent Pipeline
Speaker Names: Eric Lussier, Steel Partners

Session Title: When Reshoring Makes Sense: Learn How Sherrill Manufacturing Succeeded
Speaker Names: Matt Roberts, Sherrill Mfg & Harry Moser, Reshoring Initiative 

Session Title: Ingersoll Rand's 8 Simple Rules to Talent Acqusition
Speaker Names: Patrick Davis & Marc Cochran, Ingersoll Rand

MESA Smart Manufacturing Track

MESA track information to come. Please check back.