Call for Speakers 2021

Share your ideas, knowledge and experience!

This event takes place across three educational conferences with tracks in-person & online covering best practices providing actionable intelligence to fuel process improvement and market dominance. 


Purposefully designed to help manufacturing executives and leaders improve their operational efficiency and thrive in an industry that demands constant change.

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • Advanced Continuous Improvement 
  • Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Processing Technology 

Virtual Conference Tracks:

  • Continuous Improvement Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain

Safety experts come together to share best safety practices with companies hoping to achieve world-class safe and sound working environment. 

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • Compliance
  • Safety Technology
  • Safety & Risk Management

Virtual Conference Tracks:

  • Construction Safety
  • Fleet Safety

Focused on emerging trends and innovations in the design and engineering community that will enhance the future of manufacturing operations. 

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • IoT IDEAs
  • Advanced Manufacturing IDEAs
  • Power & Fluid IDEAs
  • Laser Assisted Processing IDEAs
  • Machine Vision IDEAs

Virtual Conference Track:

  • Automation IDEAs