Full Name
Keith Ingles
Job Title
Lean Management Manager of Solutions and Support Centers
The Raymond Corporation
Speaker Bio
Keith Ingels is the Raymond Lean Management manager of solutions and support centers for The Raymond Corporation. He has worked with lean management principles for more than 20 years, throughout the Toyota Material Handling network. At Toyota, he studied under internationally known TPS mentors in Japan and Europe, led his team to be one of the first Toyota ASEC (After Sales Service Excellence Certification) certified facilities in the US and has presented internationally at Global Toyota Summits in North America, Japan, and Australia. During his time at Raymond, he has trained and coached more than five hundred associates in lean management, developed better methods for installing and maintaining Raymond equipment and has led lean management projects in a variety of areas including IT, Sales, Financial Services, Rental, Parts, Service, and Logistics. Ingels has his MBA in management from Virginia Tech.
Keith Ingles