Choose from multiple breakout sessions that have over 50 expert speakers from companies like Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Martinrea International, Steel Partners and many more. Learn from their past experiences and discover strategies and best practices that will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.

Advanced Manufacturing

Data-driven manufacturing that uses cutting edge technology to control production, track quality and streamline industrial operations. This track shares trends and technology advances, and outlines how they will—and will not—improve your competitiveness. Topics may include:   

•    Connected digital manufacturing
•    Cybersecurity: Keeping your manufacturing operations safe
•    Robots & Cobots: a cure for the workforce shortage? 
•    Additive manufacturing
•    Artificial intelligence
•    Augmented reality and virtual reality
•    Real-time data & data analytics: Make those numbers work for you

Continuous Improvement

Tailored toward both newcomers to and veterans of the lean and continuous improvement journey, the continuous improvement track has sessions that will appeal to everyone with an interest in operational excellence. Topics may include: 

•    Getting started with lean
•    Problem-solving techniques
•    A lean approach to inventory organization
•    Sustaining your lean gains
•    Why Six Sigma works
•    Lean training
•    Lean supplier development

Leadership & Workforce

Best practices on leading and managing dynamic workforces engaged in new, complicated production processes; how to hire, train and retain critical talent. This track targets leaders from all facets of the manufacturing sector. It also will focus on sharing best practices and strategies to help meet one of leadership’s biggest challenges: building a better workforce in a difficult recruiting environment. Topics may include: 
•    Leading through change and disruption 
•    Positioning your organization for Industry 4.0 and beyond
•    Successful training programs designed to address the skills gap
•    Proven recruitment programs designed to attract a new generation of workers
•    Developing a workforce who want to stay