The Power of Purpose—How Manufacturing Organizations that Lead with Purpose Will Win the Battle for Talent

Manufacturing roles are getting harder and harder to fill. In a historically tight job market, good pay and benefits are table stakes. Increasingly, people want to pursue careers that provide meaning, at businesses that share their values and make a positive impact in their communities and society. Attracting and retaining top performers requires employers to offer something bigger—a greater purpose and a mission that inspires people to enlist and contribute to the organization’s growth. Purpose must capture why the organization exists, what problems it is here to solve and what it wants to be to its customers, employees, communities and other stakeholders. Consumer goods manufacturer Kimberly-Clark has a 150-year history as an innovator and maker of products that elevate the health and well-being of people around the globe. The company’s purpose of Better Care for a Better World grows out of this heritage and drives its business strategy, as well as its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Lori Shaffer, the leader of Kimberly-Clark’s Global Nonwovens manufacturing group, will describe how the company’s vision helps it attract and retain the operational, engineering and technical talent it needs to grow, and rally employees around its business strategies and goals.

Lori Shaffer