How to Accelerate Continuous Improvement with a Lean, Digital Approach

One-third of manufacturing capacity is lost each year to solvable inefficiencies, costing the industry $650 billion annually. While manufacturers strive to improve their overall equipment effectiveness, many don’t trust their plant data—with key data points being lost in spreadsheets and whiteboards. Manufacturers can continuously improve their processes and make their front line’s day-to-day job easier by using a combination of lean techniques and digital technologies. Automation and digital reporting let manufacturers track how people and machines spend their time—providing one source of truth for data and real-time visibility to the shop floor from anywhere. But data in a vacuum doesn’t solve anything. Manufacturer Lester Buildings is accelerating continuous improvement efforts to improve performance and stay competitive by adding meaning to data, to pinpoint the exact cause of production inefficiencies. Raven and Lester Buildings will walk through how plants can leverage technology to boost continuous improvement; the importance of an empowered front line; lean practices for increasing efficiency and improving operations across teams. They will also share a real-life success story on embracing OEE technology to account for 100% of production time and losses.

Martin Cloake Tyler Bennett