Building Business Acumen

Senior executives rely on their emerging leaders and managers to see the big picture and get things done. They want to cultivate business talent and develop future leaders on their path to strategic success! Yet, fostering the development of business skills requires that all emerging leaders, regardless of functional discipline, have a common understanding of business. This means they need to develop the business acumen needed to help the company to achieve its strategic goals and to win in the market! This workshop provides a solid introduction to business acumen. Leveraging the Business Acumen Canvas (shown below), participants will be taken on a journey across the business landscape. They’ll be shown the details, and then brought back to the vantage points that will enable them to see the big picture and how things should work. The workshop also allows participants to work together in small teams, to assess data, solve problems, and to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills; all required to achieve success in business leadership roles.