The Value of Visual (Management)

Today’s highly volatile environment of the factory floor demands quick and well-informed decision-making. That hinges on information being exceedingly clear and presented in a way that does not leave too much room for interpretation. Nor should it require processing time in the mind of the person “reading” it. With that in mind, the aim of visual management is to communicate at the pace of manufacturing. While there is a variety of well-established tools and methods, the most important thing is to develop the skill to develop one’s own tools and methods. That is, to be able to communicate about your shop to your shop about all of the unique challenges and parameters that define it. The goal is to change the way we think about the visual fields that our people encounter in the process of their work. In this session, learn how Hiab Streetsboro uses visual management to spur quick and well-informed decision-making on its factory floor, and engage in robust discussion about how to build your own visual management system.

Brian Peshek