Making a Benchmark Manufacturing Facility a Reality

What does it take to build a modern-day truck manufacturing facility? Hernandez shares the background and experiences that helped him play an instrumental role in the planning, building, and opening of the Navistar San Antonio Manufacturing Plant.

The San Antonio plant has been established as the operational backbone launch facility for Industry 4.0 concepts and lean manufacturing processes that will be deployed to Navistar’s existing manufacturing network of plants. This benchmark facility will lead Navistar’s manufacturing in process optimization, real-time production management and sustainable operation techniques.

By using proven engineering and leading technology and manufacturing principles, Navistar plans to accelerate the impact of sustainable mobility.

Hernandez shares how construction of the San Antonio facility, capable of building the company’s Class 6 through 8 diesel and electric vehicles, stayed on time and on budget, and the challenges and achievements before, during and after construction.

Mark Hernandez