General Motors Parma Metal Center Plant Tour

Tour Description: Parma Metal Center produces sheet metal stampings and assemblies for the majority of GM vehicle programs.  Parma is capable of producing over 100 million parts per year and has over 1100 employees.

Tour participants will experience a high-level walk-through of manufacturing processes including transfer press lines, high-speed progressive press lines, and multi-cell, resistance and laser welding metal assembly operations.

Safety Requirements: Long Pants and substantial shoes are required.  Shoes must cover the entire foot and no High Heeled shoes are allowed.  Additional PPE will be provided at the plant in the form of Safety Glasses, Ear Plugs, and Protective Sleeves.

Important Note: Photography is prohibited while inside the facility.

Special Tour Accommodations/Considerations: Parma Metal Center follows GM and CDC guidelines around additional COVID PPE requirements that may be in place.