Chris Monchinski

Vice President of Manufacturing Intelligence
Automated Control Concepts, Inc


Chris Monchinski is the Vice President of Manufacturing Intelligence at Automated Control Concepts, Inc., an independent systems integration company. In this role, Chris is responsible for supporting the sales and project execution efforts that involve leading-edge manufacturing information technology for ACC’s clients. Chris joined ACC in 1994 and presently leads the strategy, design and execution efforts involving project in Smart Manufacturing, IIoT, Supply Chain Integration and Analytics. Chris consults with key client accounts for ACC enabling clients to achieve their goals in all manufacturing IT initiatives. Chris is ACC’s representative to the ISA 95 committee on Enterprise-to-Control System Integration and is currently the co-chair of that committee. Chris is also a VP-Elect of the ISA Standards and Practices board. Chris serves MESA in the capacity of Analytics working group leader and an participant in the XML working group. Chris has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science.


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