Our Re-Imagined Expo Hall

M&T 2019's re-imagined expo floor allows attendees to experience some of today’s most innovative solutions first-hand. From mobile robot and augmented reality demos to an industrial fashion show highlighting the latest wearables, we've got an exciting lineup! 

And this year, M&T 2019 is bringing you even more… We’ve quadrupled our FREE continuous live action, hands-on, immersive education live on the expo floor.

We have three stages: Master Class Theater, Product Launch Pad, and Autonomous Alley.

Check out the jam-packed schedule below. There is something exciting going on every minute. Best of all it is free to you. Pre-registration for specific expo hall education demos and presentations is not required. Access to all expo hall education is included in your free expo hall pass. Register Today! 



4:00 PM ➤  Welcome to Pittsburgh!

Kickoff M&T 2019 with a welcome from Mayor William Peduto. Byron Clayton, CEO of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, will discuss the city's current tech climate, while local businessman and historian Bill Flanagan recounts the Steel City's industrial past. #Pittsburgh #Manufacturing (Master Class Theater)


4:00 PM ➤ Build-a-Bot Workshop | Girls of Steel

Stop by and help an all-female student robot team build and drive a completely functional robot. #Robotics #SkillsGap (Autonomous Alley)

Read more on young women and robotics here:
How to Train Your Daughter (for a Lucrative Career in Robotics)
STEM Saves the World


4:45 PM ➤  Staying Out of IIoT Pilot Purgatory | Parsable

Parsable CEO Lawrence Whittle discusses the quiet revolution happening at companies adopting Connected Worker Platforms and how to make successful deployments. #IIoT #DigitalTransformation #ConnectedWorkers (Master Class Theater)

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Diving Deep into Emerging Tech Reveals Scary Truths

5:15 PM ➤  FashionForward: The Industrial Wearable Fashion Show

Efficiency and safety are always in fashion, and they’ll be on display at this first ever event, featuring the latest in industrial wearable tech & PPE, from smartglasses to exoskeletons. Don't miss these products demoed: RealWear HMT-1Z1, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and Levitate Technologies Airframe Exoskeleton.  #industrial #wearables (Master Class Theater)

Read more about wearables here:
Augmenting the Future with AR, Wearables, and Mobile Devices
Tech Startups Leading New Wave of Industrial Safety

Grab a cocktail, a plate of hors d'oeuvres and a front row seat to the first ever Industrial Wearable Fashion Show. Our crew will be dressed for high-tech success, showing off the latest productivity and safety enhancing gear for the 21st century workforce in the most common manufacturing applications, including assembly, logistics and maintenance.


9:45 AM ➤  Live Hack: Once More into the Breach | UL

In this hacking demonstration, UL Principal Security Advisor Johannes Bauer will walk through the steps a potential attacker would take to assess your company as a target, determine your vulnerabilities and exploit them in order to control your company. #Livehack #cybersecurity (Master Class Theater)

Read more about cybersecurity here: 
Crash Course in How Cyberattacks Start

Speaker: Dr. Johannes Bauer, Principal Security Advisor, UL

10:30 AM ➤  Remote Maintenance Control: Connected Workers & Remote Experts | MCA Connect

This demonstration by MCA Connect will show how a HoloLens can directly interface between a technician and remote expert and walk through an actual remote expert session with a volunteer from the audience. #RemoteExperts #ConnectedWorkers (Master Class Theater)

11:00 AM ➤  Eyes Forward, Hands-Free: The Knowledge Transfer Revolution | RealWear

The CEO of RealWear makes the business case for using wearable computers to safely connect people across a plant and factories across a business, and how they drive ROI up and down the value chain. (Master Class Theater)

11:00 AM ➤  Integrating Communications and Security to Increase Plant Intelligence  | Motorola

This live demonstration brings together the best-in-class communication, data applications, and security solutions for an end-to-end manufacturing solution to minimize downtime, enhance productivity, and increase safety. (Master Class Theater)

11:30 AM ➤  Smart Standardization and the Digital Revolution | OPC Foundation

This tactical how-to provides best practices on how to cooperate with end users, suppliers and even competitors to create successful smart industrial solutions to leverage digital twins, adaptive learning intelligence and more. (Master Class Theater)

11:30 AM  ➤  The IIoT Touch | SESA SYSTEMS

Learn how interactive touch screens improve your grasp of Industry 4.0 from a leading provider of LEAN enterprise and visual management solutions. #IIoT #LEAN #Visualization (Product Launch Pad)

11:30 AM ➤  RoboWars: Planned Obsolescence | National Robotics League

hempfield-v-pine-richlandEnjoy the chaos as robots built by student members of the National Robotics League, a workforce development program started by the National Tooling & Machining Association, destroy obsolete tech. These students and their mentors will be at the expo on April 1 & 2, including the night out at Heinz Field, to speak about their experiences working with manufacturers to create competitive fighting robots. #Robots #SkillsGap (Autonomous Alley)

Robo Wars: A New Hope for Manufacturing

The skills gap won’t seem so wide after seeing some of the country's most skilled young roboticists in action. Join in on a robot build with the region's all-female competitive team, the Girls of Steel, on Day 1, and then check out the National Robotics League members break out the buzz saws and go "Office Space" on old printers and other outdated machines. Along with finding out more about the innerworkings of killer robots, find out what makes these students tick and how you can recruit talent like them to join your workforce.

1:30 PM ➤ Extreme Digital Makeover | GrayMatter

How digital solutions provider GrayMatter helped paint manufacturer PPG achieve 30% productivity gains. #Productivity #DigitalTransformation (Master Class Theater)

1:30 PM ➤ Inspect the Uninspected | Sarcos Robotics

Witness the Guardian S robot traverse unstructured terrain, climb vertical ferrous surfaces and hear how it has helped to improve O&M safety and efficiency. #Inspection #Robotics (Product Launch Pad)

Read more about powered exoskeletons here: 
Robotics Maker Moves from War Machines to Powering Up Workforce
Boeing, Ford Don Exoskeletons to Dress for Success

2:00 PM ➤ Pre Requisites: Predictive, Preventative or Prescriptive Maintenance? | Fluke Digital Systems

What they are, how they work, and why you need them. #Maintenance #IIoT (Master Class Theater)

2:00 PM ➤ Democratizing ERP Data on the Factory Floor | Bezlio

Making the case for sharing real-time ERP data with workers through low code/no code apps. #LowCode #NoCode (Product Launch Pad)


2:30 PM ➤ Connected Workers | Parsable

Join Parsable to see how you can enhance your production team and accelerate Industry 4.0 beyond the front office. #DigitalTransformation #ConnectedWorkers (Master Class Theater)

3:00 PM ➤ Smarter Assembly | Proceedix

Explore how the leveraging the power of smart glasses and wearables help workers achieve better results on the production line. #IndustrialWearables #Smartglasses #Productivity (Product Launch Pad)

3:00 PM ➤ Cybersecurity: Why Your Company Might be More at Risk Than You Think | MEP National Network

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Find out why SMEs are especially vulnerable, what you can do to protect your data and systems, and what free resources are available to you. (Master Class Theater)

3:30 PM ➤  Time to Suit Up! | Levitate Technologies

Check out how the Airframe passive exoskeleton cuts down on injury risk and improves quality. #Exoskeletons #Safety #Productivity (Product Launch Pad)

4:00 PM ➤  The Exo Factor: The Benefits of Force-multiplying Exoskeletons | Sarcos Robotics

Get an exclusive look at Sarcos Robotics' industrial force-multiplying exoskeleton, the Guardian XO, and find out how it can make workers stronger and safer while increasing productivity by four to 10 times. #Exoskeletons #ForceMultiplying (Master Class Theater)

4:30 PM ➤  Disruption Through AR | PTC

PTC discusses how augmented reality can jumpstart your digital transformation. #AR #DigitalTransformation (Master Class Theater)



9:00 AM ➤  Microlearning: Modern Training for Modern Manufacturers | Axonify

Using personalized and adaptive bursts of information to help make knowledge stick. (Master Class Theater)

9:00 AM ➤  3D Scanning for Rapid Quality Inspection | Artec 3D

 A live look at how quick and easy 3D scanning of parts has become. #3DScanning #Inspection #Quality (Product Launch Pad)


9:30 AM ➤  Data Ex Machina | MachineMetrics

Machine Metrics talks about how digitally transformed machine shops gain a competitive advantage through seeing more data. #Machining #IIoT (Master Class Theater)

Read more at:
Machine Monitoring: The Strategy to Achieve Exponential Efficiency Gains

10:00 AM ➤  Embracing a Hybrid Automation Environment | Seegrid

A leading manufacturer of self-driving pallet trucks discusses the benefits of autonomous material handling, specifically at Whirlpool. And visit Seegrid's booth in Autonomous Alley to watch their material handling trucks in action. #selfdriving #mobilerobots (Master Class Theater)

Read more at:
Seeing is Believing: Putting Faith in Automated Vision Guided Vehicles

11:00 AM ➤  Inspect the Uninspected | Sarcos Robotics

Witness the Guardian S robot traverse unstructured terrain, climb vertical ferrous surfaces and hear how it has helped to improve O&M safety and efficiency. #Inspection #Robotics (Product Launch Pad)

Read more about powered exoskeletons here: 
Robotics Maker Moves from War Machines to Powering Up Workforce
Boeing, Ford Don Exoskeletons to Dress for Success

11:15 AM ➤  To Inconel and Beyond: Sage Advice from a Space Age Machinist | TITANS of CNC

Machinist Titan Gilroy, who has been contracted by leading commercial aerospace companies, shares his experience cutting exotic metals and offers tactics to break into the aerospace industry. Q&A to follow. #Machining #Workforce #SkillsGap #Aerospace (Master Class Theater)

Read more about Titan Gilroy here: 
Trial by Fire: Titan Gilroy Redefines Trade Education
Modern Machining & the Need for Speed
The Fall and Rise of an Industrial Icon

If you ask Titan Gilroy, the future of manufacturing doesn’t necessarily hinge on what we consider futuristic technology, such as quantum computing, androids or flying cars. The determining factor for success or failure, the CEO of TITANS of CNC often preaches, comes down to manufacturing education, to teaching the next generation of skilled workers to realize their full potential; that they, like the tech they use, can always get better. During his Day 3 keynote, hear Titan explain how he has helped the industry get better by creating a free, yet absolutely priceless, online training program to upskill novice and experienced machinists alike. Then receive a master class in aerospace machining strategies later in the day.

11:45 AM ➤  M&T Giveaways

Enter to win one of our array of fun tech prizes. Raffle tickets will be distributed at Registration. Must be present to win! (Master Class Theater)

Prizes include: 
-Quadcopter Drone with WiFi Camera Live Video

-KEEN Manchester Boots
-Klein Tools: Gloves, Knee Pads, Shoe Protectors, Magnetic Wristband, and Cooling Vest
-iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Raffle entries must be placed in the appropriate fish bowl by April 3 at 11:00 AM.

You must be present to win!

12:00 PM ➤ Enhancing Work Instructions with AR | Rockwell Automation

Developing documentation your employees will love to use while reducing downtime and errors. #AR #Paperless (Master Class Theater)

12:30 PM ➤  Quicker Quality | Oden Technologies

How to diagnose and solve product quality issues in minutes. #Quality #Maintenance (Master Class Theater)


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