Choose from multiple breakout sessions that have over 50 expert speakers from companies like Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Martinrea International, Steel Partners and many more. Learn from their past experiences and discover strategies and best practices that will give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.

This track covers the new and expanding world of industrial robotics and the impact it is having on workforce, productivity, quality, and competitiveness. Topics include:

  • Collaborative robotics (cobots) in small and midsize plants
  • Robots & reshoring
  • Robots & lean
  • The great robot takeover: fact or fiction
  • Robots & the future of American manufacturing

This track provides best practices and strategies to build a better workforce through this difficult recruiting environment. Topics include:

  • Successful training programs designed to address the skills gap
  • Proven recruitment programs designed to attract a new generation of workers
  • Staffing strategies for the automation age
  • Millennial management strategies
  • Defining the new manufacturing career path

Designed specifically for M&T. Shares practical, forward-looking perspectives on trends, how they will impact you, why you should care, and what you should do to leverage your assets and claim your share. Topics include:

  • A Simple Start to Smart Manufacturing
  • Future technology advances
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connected digital manufacturing
  • Real-time process control and data analytics

Targeted for individuals and work teams who are beginning the start of continuous improvement journey. Topics include:

  • Introduction to lean Sigma
  • 5S
  • How to create a visual factory
  • Choosing KPIs
  • Kaizen events
  • Value-stream mapping
  • The Gemba Walk
  • PDCA

This track targets leaders from all facets of the manufacturing sector who are charged with guiding their facilities and organizations through this transformational, disruptive period in U.S. manufacturing. The leadership track will offer expert insights on coping with quickly evolving government policies and actions, an influx of new workers and technologies, and new business models and global manufacturing plans, all while focused on developing high-performance organizations. Topics include:

  • Leading through change and disruption (e.g., trade and tariffs, acquisitions and mergers)
  • Positioning your organization for Industry 4.0 and beyond
  • Building the agile organization
  • Creating a winning culture
  • Managing multigenerational environments

U.S. companies spend more than $1 trillion every year on transportation, warehousing, distribution, and enabling technologies to track and manage their products throughout the global supply chain process. It’s a huge undertaking, compounded by the demands of consumers for more products and more services in an ever-tightening delivery timeframe. This track addresses how manufacturers are adopting new technologies and strategies to meet their customers’ demands and expectations. Topics include:

  • Risk management on a global scale – how to protect your supply chain
  • Omni-channel distribution
  • Corporate social responsibility – managing a more sustainable supply chain
  • Supply chain visibility
  • The automated warehouse
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones

Tailored for veterans of lean and continuous improvement, and who may oversee multiple facilities, and for those who may oversee multiple facilities. Focuses on ways to sustain initiatives as well as introduction of more complex strategies. Topics include:

  • Level scheduling
  • Just in time production
  • Lean inventory
  • Sustaining CI gains
  • Lean maintenance