A Human-Centered Approach to Improving Operational Reliability Using Industry 4.0

For years, manufacturing companies have sought ways to optimize operations by improving efficiency and productivity, all while simultaneously reducing costs. To do so, manufacturers are turning to the promise of Industry 4.0 – a new world powered by digital technologies that are helping improve how manufacturers collect, analyze and action data to improve operational performance. But while technologies such as AI, big data and the industrial internet of things have the potential to radically improve performance, technology alone won’t solve these challenges. You need human insights and the right process to correctly leverage and analyze data and drive improvements in operations and maintenance (O&M) programs. For example, sensors can give you vibration and oil particle count data, but which data is most important to assess how to improve the reliability of a gearbox? How do you connect these insights to your broader program? Without a human-centered approach that considers the entire operation, manufacturers risk losing out on the potential of Industry 4.0 and wasting valuable capital. This presentation will provide an Industry 4.0 blueprint to help manufacturing companies build a prescriptive maintenance approach that effectively leverages these technologies. It will highlight the data that manufacturers need to assess in order to solve the most important operational performance challenges, as well as how to utilize this new operational intelligence to then interpret that actionable data to improve overall equipment efficiency and productivity.

Matthew Dinslage