The Future of Manufacturing is Human + Machine

It’s nearly impossible today to ignore the talk around digital transformation and the automation of industrial operations. But many companies are ignoring one very fundamental issue. Robots and digital systems speak exclusively in absolutes – binary, ones and zeros – and human workers don’t. This is where connected work changes the game. With connected work, machines and digitally connected humans work together to deliver rapid, measurable increases in productivity, quality and safety. Join this session to learn how connected work has transformed operations at Tier 1 automotive supplier American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), best practices on how to scale, and ways to successfully integrate people, processes and technology.

The presentation will cover:
• What massive data blind spot is likely currently in your operations?
• What is the connected work maturity model and where does your organization lie on the curve?
• Where does connected work fit in your company's digital journey and technology toolkit?
• How do you go from zero to hero and successfully scale a connected worker program?

Lawrence Whittle Lincoln Hughes