Finding Root Cause When You Can’t Be On-Site

Nissan dealerships have an excellent group of highly trained technicians who service and repair customer vehicles. Often, this is a straightforward process, but every now and again the technician will experience an elusive repair resolution and needs the support of the TECH LINE team to complete the repair at the dealership.

The TECH LINE team has detailed knowledge of all Nissan vehicles, but are operating remotely and cannot get their hands on the vehicle. Frequently, multiple repairs and fixes have already been completed by the on-site technician in their search for a solution. A procedure was required to provide timely support for on-site technicians to get customers back into their vehicles quickly. The Nissan team needed to find a way to fully understand what the problem was and what the technician was dealing with without actually being on site.

Join Jackson Hisey and Chris O’Connor of TECH LINE to learn how they not only broke through the barriers of remote problem solving, but exceeded expectations through establishing a system of communication and problem analysis, sharpening both the TECH LINE team and the on-site technician on focused information gathering and documentation. Their result? Accelerated resolutions, faster repairs and happy customers.

Jackson Hisey Christopher O’Connor