Learn From a Proven Injury-Free Workplace Safety Culture Development System

Discover how diverse manufacturers from EnPro Industries and National Gypsum to Bonnell Aluminum Extrusion and King’s Hawaiian are eliminating injuries through a unique workplace safety-culture development system. Developed by EnPro over more than 10 years and proven effective, this approach to safety culture through personal leadership and employee engagement led the manufacturer to be named one of America’s Safest Companies three times. This session will explore the basic building blocks of a positive workplace safety-culture approach to eliminating all injuries, which can be applied to any manufacturing environment. The presenter will address key aspects of an effective safety culture, including: Safety as a Core Value, Safety360 Leadership, SafetyFirst Individual Habits and Behaviors, safety action teams, care management and cultural development. You will learn how to apply two safety system tools (the SafetyMyVoice and the Safety360) to develop effective communication and employee support at your organization – key issues facing any manufacturing leader who wants to eliminate workplace injuries. Injury freedom is achievable.

Joe Wheatley