Schneider Electric’s Digital Transformation

Schneider Electric kicked off a global initiative, known as the Smart Factory program, to digitally transform its facilities and plants (which manufacture the company’s electrical hardware) using EcoStruxure, a vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, IIoT-enabled architecture. Schneider’s industrial footprint includes 207 factories in 44 countries employing about 86,000 people. The company aims to have more than 100 smart factories by 2020. Given the scale of Schneider’s operations, it is one of the biggest digitization efforts to upgrade manufacturing operations for the Industry 4.0 era. Dr. Luke Durcan, Director EcoStruxure at Schneider Electric will speak to the evolution of the smart factory program and what it takes to roll out digital transformation initiatives encompassing technology, people and process at scale. Leveraging IIoT and important advancements in AR, VR, AI and robotics/cobot, Schneider Electric is capitalizing on opportunities to increase agility and optimize operations, while decarbonizing energy and reducing the use of natural resources. In this session, Luke will share the benefit they're seeing as well as lessons learned from the company’s brownfield and greenfield implementations. He will also detail Schneider’s efforts to pilot new technologies such as 5G in its factories and prepare for the next wave of automation.

Dr. Luke Durcan