5G: Manufacturing's New Frontier

The ultimate goal for smart manufacturing is an autonomously controlled factory. 5G can finally deliver this by allowing tens of thousands of machines, robots and products to be connected to the same network at higher speeds than ever before.

According to McKinsey & Company, the GDP impact of connectivity in manufacturing could reach $400 billion to $650 billion by the decade’s end. But what about the challenges enterprises will face as they look to build out these networks? Are 5G networks really going to transform IIoT, or are they only going to offer revenue opportunities for the operators?

In this session, Qualcomm’s Dr. Xiaoxia Zhang will discuss what today’s manufacturers need to know about 5G deployment and how to prepare for the changes it will bring to their industry in the coming years. Among other topics, attendees will learn about the key role 5G will play in eliminating the cumbersome bundles of Ethernet cables that litter their factory floors and connect the machines wirelessly to the cloud, and how to decide whether now is the time to invest in 5G.

Dr. Xiaoxia Zhang