Reimagining Manufacturing Operations with 3D Printing

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed areas of vulnerabilities for manufacturers—particularly when it comes to supply chains. In response, 3D printing has gained more attention as a way to make manufacturers more resilient and adaptable in our uncertain world. In fact, a recent SME survey found 3D printing is the No. 1 choice for post-pandemic technology investment among their manufacturing engineering members.

This presentation will explore why it’s time for manufacturers to rethink their supply chains, and how 3D printing can help organizations move faster, increase efficiency and respond more quickly to changing demands. Attendees will learn how manufacturers in industries such as aerospace, automotive and consumer goods are successfully transitioning to digital manufacturing, with 3D printing at its core, and the top three things they all have in common, including:

• Building 3D printing infrastructure to produce quality parts fast
• Using a platform that minimizes operating costs—from efficiently using materials to reducing the use of consumables
• Incorporating technology that certifies production processes, making them agile and repeatable

Patrick Carey