Welcome to the manufacturing excellence ecosystem.

Three educational conferences with tracks in-person & online covering best practices providing actionable intelligence to fuel process improvement and market dominance. 


Share your ideas, knowledge, and experience with the audiences across the three featured conferences at The M&T Show. 


Purposefully designed to help manufacturing executives and leaders improve their operational efficiency and thrive in an industry that demands constant change.

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • Advanced Continuous Improvement 
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Processing Technology 

Virtual Conference Tracks:

  • Continuous Improvement Fundamentals
  • Supply Chain

Safety experts come together to share best safety practices with companies hoping to achieve world-class safe and sound working environment. 

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • Compliance
  • Safety Technology
  • Safety & Risk Management

Virtual Conference Tracks:

  • Construction Safety
  • Fleet Safety

Focused on emerging trends and innovations in the design and engineering community that will enhance the future of manufacturing operations. 

In-Person Conference Tracks:

  • IoT IDEAs
  • Advanced Manufacturing IDEAs
  • Power & Fluid IDEAs
  • Laser Assisted Processing IDEAs
  • Machine Vision IDEAs

Virtual Conference Track:

  • Automation IDEAs