Join Us for a Celebration of the 31st Class of IndustryWeek Best Plants Honorees

Each year, IndustryWeek celebrates exceptional manufacturing performers and performances. The companies that are named IW Best Plants are recognized during The Manufacturing & Technology Show for their dedication to excellence.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 | 3:00 PM EST


Vance, Alabama

Tremonton, Utah

Greenville, North Carolina


Achieving operational excellence in the best of times is a challenge. Be it difficult customers with outrageous demands on cost, quality, or delivery – perhaps all three simultaneously – or less-than-reliable suppliers, or internal battles across departments, the struggle is real. In harder times, that challenge is multiplied many times over.

This past year and a half has been far less than ideal for all manufacturers. COVID-19, extreme supply shortages and seriously depleted workforces have tested their mettle like never before. And the ground remains unsteady for many.

It is in this latter environment that IndustryWeek conducted its latest IW Best Plants Awards competition, our annual salute to manufacturing excellence across North America. Read the full article from IndustryWeek.


Prior to the afternoon keynote address on Wednesday, November 10th, IndustryWeek editors will deliver an award and trophy presentation for the 2021 class of honorees. Attendance to this celebration will be included in a full-conference registration pass. Register now.


We're excited to have the 2021 IW Best Plants honorees participating in the sessions being put on during The Manufacturing & Technology Conference. 

Creating an ‘Intrepreneurship’ Culture: Brose’s Transformation
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Advanced Continuous Improvement

Three years ago, auto supplier Brose was facing a potentially grim reality. The company’s pace no longer met the ever-increasing demands of an evolving automotive industry. Change was needed. Leadership looked back on what had made the 100-year-old company successful and zeroed in on entrepreneurship. But how would they empower 25,000 employees across 65 locations to make decisions that would drive long-term success at all levels of the organization? Lisa Basila, Brose North America’s vice president of human resources, will share Brose’s journey to “intrepreneurship”—creating a culture within a large organization that encourages employees to take risks, think outside the box and innovate rapidly. Basila will discuss how leadership addressed the initial denial and resistance that comes with any change process, and present details about approaches that have successfully fostered a more dynamic innovation culture.

IW Best Plants Winners Panel: Lessons Learned on the Road to Excellence
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
The Manufacturing & Technology Conference

Learn from the best! Attend this session to hear directly from the 2020 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award winners. These winning facilities have taken different paths to excellence, employed different continuous improvement tools, and certainly have struggled in different ways to meet the challenges thrown in their paths. Nevertheless, they share a wealth of characteristics: an unending desire to be better tomorrow than they are today; a workforce of problem-solvers, and leaders who encourage the best in everyone. Attend this panel discussion to hear the IW Best Plants' philosophies on leadership, employee engagement, improvement tools and more. And come to this session armed with plenty of your own questions!

Leading Your Digital Transformation with Business Impact
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Leadership and Talent Management

Multiple IndustryWeek Best Plants award-winner Intertape Polymer Group launched Digital Roadmap to empower employees with digital technology and usher operational excellence into the digital era. Sundararaman will share the leadership journey involved in piloting and successfully scaling multiple digital technologies across 27 plants globally. He will also candidly discuss the framework developed for exploring technologies, pilot process failures, business use case development models, enrolling the plant leadership, and selling the vision to the senior leadership & the board. He will share how to win the CAPEX & resource allocation for successful scaling. He will delve into the change management tactics and leadership mind-shift required to pull off a successful transformation, including the establishment of a Digital Academy.