Specifically focused on providing information on the latest trends, lessons learned, case studies and best practices in workplace safety, the Safety Leadership Conference remains a valuable platform for networking and new business development in the environmental health and safety community. The content is designed for c-level executives across the EHS industry.

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In-Person Conference Tracks


A new presidential administration inevitably results in a new regulatory climate that could impact safety standards and radically change the landscape of EHS compliance. Speakers in this track offer their insights into what safety leaders need to know to ensure their organizations remain in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

ISO 45001The ISO 45001 standard offers a global EHS benchmark designed to help companies reduce workplace injuries while increasing employee productivity and quality. Learn more about the advantages of becoming ISO 45001 certified and what impact it can have on your company.
Environmental ComplianceThis session will cover how to reduce and minimize waste to protect your workers, your company and your community.
OSHA Under President BidenGet updated on the Biden Administration’s regulatory agenda, and what you need to know about the impact OSHA could have on your company and workforce.
How to Avoid or Survive an OSHA InvestigationLearn the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to OSHA compliance, and what to do when OSHA comes to your facility.
Drug Testing in the WorkplaceThe legalization of cannabis coupled with the ongoing opioid crisis has made it even more difficult to keep the workplace safe. This session will discuss the current legislation as to when and how often companies can drug test their employees.

*All session details subject to change.

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Safety and Risk Management

In this track, EHS and risk management professionals offer their insights about safety leadership and establishing a safety culture, whether it be at a single facility level or throughout an entire corporation. Winners of the America’s Safest Companies awards are featured, along with safety professionals from other leading companies and organizations who share lessons learned and best practices in risk management.

Mental Health CrisisLearn to recognize when stress, depression, anxiety, alcoholism or substance abuse are affecting your employees – and what you can do to help.
Measuring and Reporting Near MissesCompanies that emphasize near miss reporting have seen a steady decrease in injuries, incidents and workers comp claims. This session will explain how to effectively measure near misses.
Sustaining a Culture of SafetyCase study presented by one of America’s Safest Companies, highlighting the best practices and procedures used to create and maintain a consistently high-performing safety culture.
Workplace ViolenceThis session offers practical steps to develop an active shooter response program, and other ways to circumvent workplace violence.
EHS Lessons Learned During the PandemicThe biggest EHS challenge in our lifetime has led to many new safety procedures and protocols. This session examines the good, the bad and the ugly ways companies have handled COVID-19.

*All session details subject to change.

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Safety Technology

Learn how the latest in safety technology can be integrated into the workplace to reduce injuries and illnesses. From identifying and tracking leading indicators via software, sensors and IoT, to state-of-the-art production improvements, to futuristic robotics, this track offers a look at the future of safe work.

Training the Next GenerationAs Millennials and Gen-Z employees enter the workplace, safety managers are discovering new and more effective ways to train and engage their workers through microlearning, gamification, virtual reality and other high-tech tools.
Contact Tracing and Worker PrivacyAs a response to COVID, companies began using technology to assure employees that the workforce is safe. But when does safety supersede an employee’s right to privacy? This session looks at the issues surrounding contact tracing.
Safety AnalyticsLearn how to collect workplace safety data to identify at-risk behaviors and anticipate potential hazards with the aim of using technology to create a safer environment.
Risk Management and CybersecurityThis session looks at the damage security breaches can inflict on a company, and how to protect your facility and your workforce by plugging security gaps.
The Connected WorkforceLearn how to better protect your employees with wearable devices, mobile communications and smart PPE.

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Virtual Conference Tracks


This track focuses on the demanding task of managing construction site safety. EHS professionals from construction companies as well as industry professionals who have helped fine-tune the safety culture at small-, medium- and large construction firms share their tips for improving construction site safety, from increasing employee engagement, to using technology to help manage safety and developing programs for aspects of construction such as fall protection and PPE.

Commitment to SafetyLearn how construction companies gain buy-in from their workers to work safely through a culture of accountability.
Diversity at the WorksiteThis session examines how safety leaders manage a multi-generational, multi-lingual workforce.
Compliance Is the Bare MinimumLearn about the most frequent violations construction companies are cited for, and how you can prevent and avoid them.
New Hires & Temporary WorkersThis session will cover why training and engagement are essential to protecting inexperienced employees from worksite hazards.
Leading Indicators that Impact Safety PerformanceLearn how to reduce incidents through real-world case studies and examples from other construction companies.

*All session details subject to change.

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Fleet Safety

This new track focuses on programs and best practices that keep drivers, technicians, other employees and the general public safe. From complying with drivers’ hours of service rules to collision-prevention efforts, this track focuses on how fleets can reduce risk, stay in compliance with regulations, and improve operating efficiency.

Automated VehiclesWhat implications do the advances in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles have for your fleet and your drivers?
Healthier Drivers, Safer HighwaysThe lifestyle of a driver can be a hard one. This session covers how to encourage and incentivize healthier behaviors among your workforce.
Distracted DrivingLearn how to develop and manage an effective program to prevent distracted driving.
Hours-of-Service RegulationsThis session will update attendees on the latest updates to the rules regulating how long drivers can be behind the wheel.
Driver MonitoringThis session will look at how telematics, electronic logging devices and other technology are helping companies keep a closer eye on drivers.

*All session details subject to change.

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