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In-Person Conference Tracks

Advanced Continuous Improvement

Tailored for veterans of lean and continuous improvement, and who may oversee multiple facilities, and for those who may oversee multiple facilities. Focuses on ways to sustain initiatives as well as introduction of more complex strategies. Topics include: Level scheduling; Just in time production; Lean inventory; Sustaining CI gains; Lean maintenance.

Lean and AutomationIt’s a class question: How do lean practitioners decide it’s time to automate a process? Let’s explore the ways.
Continuous Improvement: Collaborating Outside Your Factory's 4 WallsDeveloping a strong continuous improvement mindset within your factory or enterprise is Step 1. The next step is to drive improvement up and down the supply chain – to your suppliers and your customers. Learn how to make that happen.
Lean Inventory ManagementHow much inventory is too much, and how much is not enough? This session takes a lean approach to managing inventory.
Advanced Continuous Improvement Tools and TechniquesThere are a host of lean and continuous improvement tools and techniques to help meet the challenges that crop up in your plant. For manufacturers that are more advanced in their journeys to operational excellence, here are a few to consider.
Sustaining Your Lean GainsMaking gains in your lean journey is terrific, but it’s only half the battle. Sustaining those gains, or not slipping back to old habits, may be the tougher burden. Here’s how to improve your chances for success.

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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (EE&S) has moved well beyond just trying to drive out excessive costs and waste at manufacturing plants. In today’s hyper competitive climate, it’s a core business imperative. The EE&S track will focus on the holistic business drivers and imperatives that are driving EE&S, case studies sessions, including lessons learned when implementing EE&S, and the change management issues with the people, processes and technologies that were affected. 

Partnerships Between Utilities and Their Manufacturing Customers as the Nation Marches Towards a Low/No Carbon Future

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to reduce their energy costs, and the industrial sector accounts for nearly one third of all U.S. energy usage. Manufacturing facilities alone spend over $200 billion every year to power their facilities, while wasting nearly 30% of that energy. This panel session will include speakers both from utilities and manufacturing, who will discuss their approaches to successfully partnering to not only save money but also be more sustainable.

The Strategic Imperative of Being More Energy Efficient, Sustainable in the Circular Economy

This panel session will discuss real-world success stories and the lessons learned from the perspective of a small- and medium-sized manufacturers. EE&S is not only for the giants with massive teams and funding; smaller and midsized manufacturers can also participate in this journey and make themselves more competitive in this crowded marketplace.

Datacenters: How a Strategic Focus on EE&S has Delivered Massive Energy Savings and a Lower Carbon Footprint

Global internet use from 2010-2018 has increased more than ten fold. This strong growth trend is expected to continue as computationally intensive services such as AI increase. In this session, we will hear from Google/AWS how they have gone to 100% renewable energy and kept energy usage flat during this massive growth in computing power. A win-win-win for the customer, the organization and the environment.

You Don't Have to Take This Journey Alone

This panel session will have presenters from manufacturing who have partnered with either local, regional or national government organizations to help drive out waste and inefficiencies. These presenters will share real-life stories about how they've partnered with these organizations for success and positive outcomes. Learn how you can do it too.

Manufacturer Panel: (Small, Medium, Large)

This panel session will discuss real-world success stories and lessons learned from the perspectives of medium and large manufacturers with energy intensive processes. These manufacturers will share their EE&S journey and how they view these initiatives strategically and holistically. It's not just about being efficient.

*All session details subject to change.

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Talent Management

This track provides best practices and strategies to build a better workforce through this difficult recruiting environment. Topics include: Successful training programs designed to address the skills gap; Proven recruitment; programs designed to attract a new generation of workers; Staffing strategies for the automation age; Millennial management strategies; Defining the new manufacturing career path.

Talent DevelopmentA clear career path from day one is the key to attract the new generation. This session will provide examples of successful programs.
Updating Education ModelsTraditional credentials are being replaced with stackable credentials and other certifications. This session will provide real-word examples.
AI Based LearningBoth current and future employees need to be digitally competent. This session will explore innovative methods to reskill and upskill.
Inclusive WorkforceMoving past discussion into action steps, this session will explore how companies are making real progress in this area.
Employee EngagementCan you tie engagement to a continuous improvement process? This session will explore the nuts and bolts of how it’s done.

*All session details subject to change.

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This track targets leaders from all facets of the manufacturing sector who are charged with guiding their facilities and organizations through this transformational, disruptive period in U.S. manufacturing. The leadership track will offer expert insights on coping with quickly evolving government policies and actions, an influx of new workers and technologies, and new business models and global manufacturing plans, all while focused on developing high-performance organizations. Topics include: Leading through change and disruption (e.g., trade and tariffs, acquisitions and mergers); Positioning your organization for Industry 4.0 and beyond; Building the agile organization; Creating a winning culture; Managing multigenerational environments.

Beyond Company ValuesMany companies don’t think enough about how to deliver the vision, purpose, or strategy to the people who actually do the work. How can you more effectively communicate and integrate big ideas into the decisions your front-line workers every day.
Maximizing Your Digital InvestmentWhere can SMEs can see the biggest ROI on digital in the short- and long-term? And what are some areas where they may not be making the most of their digital capabilities?
The Power of PartnershipsCOVID-19 brought some amazing accounts of collaboration between manufacturers, healthcare, government, and associations, thanks to visionary leaders and new technology. We’ll look at learnings that can translate beyond the pandemic to collaborative strategies that bring private-sector success.
New Leadership in a Changing WorldTechnology, world events and generational shifts have affected society writ large, and of course, this has implications for the business world and how companies are run. We’ll look at leadership trends with staying power in a transformational culture.
Building an Innovation CultureHow can you encourage more innovation within your company? We’ll look at practical ways to channel bright ideas into real improvements in both process and product.

*All session details subject to change.

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Smart Manufacturing

Designed specifically for M&T. Shares practical, forward-looking perspectives on trends, how they will impact you, why you should care, and what you should do to leverage your assets and claim your share. Topics include: A Simple Start to Smart Manufacturing; Future technology advances; Cybersecurity; Connected digital manufacturing; Real-time process control and data analytics.

Additive Manufacturing

Not just a toy and well beyond prototyping, this maturing technology has earned its place within every manufacturer's toolbox. Join as a manufacturer discusses how additive plays a role in daily operations.

Artificial IntelligenceWhat does AI look like with manufacturing operations? How can it help manufactures compete in an increasingly digital world? How do you get started?
Digital TransformationThe pandemic put a new emphasis on digital transformation. This session will demonstrate what a successful digital transformation actually looks like and what steps are most important.
WearablesThis evolving technology no longer belongs in the gadget column. This session will provide real world examples of how manufacturers are finding significant value from their wearable investments.
CybersecuritySecuring the smart factory is a different beast from what companies have dealt with in securing IT environments. This session will focus on the best practices around deploying an OT security strategy from scratch.

*All session details subject to change.

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Processing Technology

Maximizing product quality, output and profitability are priorities for those in the process industries. This track will address important topics such as trends and technologies across the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries; Focusing on the development, management, maintenance and improvement, of industrial processing operations; along with an in-depth look at the instruments that measure the parameters of systems that control liquids and gases in industrial processes.

In-Plant Perspective

A case study or application story discussing how a processor achieved success and made significant gains by implementing a solution at its facility.

Focus On New Technologies

A closer look at some of the newest processing technologies in the marketplace that are designed to increase efficiency, productivity, safety and, ultimately, the bottom line, across the process industries.

Process Control & AutomationA closer look at some of the newest process control and automation technologies, including examples of how these technologies have been integrated into process facilities.
Material HandlingA closer look at emerging trends involving material handling in the food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutial and oil & gas processing industries.
Maintenance & SafetyBest practices and important considerations related to plant maintenance and product, process and personnel safety.

*All session details subject to change.

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Virtual Conference Tracks

Supply Chain

U.S. companies spend more than $1 trillion every year on transportation, warehousing, distribution, and enabling technologies to track and manage their products throughout the global supply chain process. It’s a huge undertaking, compounded by the demands of consumers for more products and more services in an ever-tightening delivery timeframe. This track addresses how manufacturers are adopting new technologies and strategies to meet their customers’ demands and expectations. Topics include: Risk management on a global scale – how to protect your supply chain; Omni-channel distribution; Corporate social responsibility – managing a more sustainable supply chain; Supply chain visibility; The automated warehouse; Autonomous vehicles and drones. 

The Top Supply Chains in the WorldHear from some of the companies regarded as having best-in-class supply chains and learn first-hand how they manage key areas of their operations while keeping costs under control. This session will reveal what the top supply chains do – and don’t do – to maintain peak operational efficiency, day in and day out.
Best Practices in Supplier ManagementFor better or worse, manufacturers are dependent on their suppliers to get their products made and distributed, and ultimately to keep their customers satisfied. This session will offer insights into how original equipment manufacturers establish and maintain strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with their suppliers.
Sustainability in the Supply ChainEnvironmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) has a major impact not only on how companies conduct business but on how they deal with their communities and the world at large. This session looks at how top manufacturers tackle important social issues while monitoring the activities of their global supply chains.
Supply Chain TechnologyThe digital disruption of supply chains has pushed manufacturers to devise ways to develop, produce and distribute their products more quickly than ever. This session offers insights into which of these new technologies are generating the best results, and which are still not ready for prime time.
Globalization vs NearshoringDoes it still make sense for a U.S. manufacturer to have its production and assembly work taking place on the other side of the world? Are the economics of nearshoring production overly optimistic and counterproductive to serving a global market? This session will dig into the dynamics of the “making-it-there vs making-it-here” debate.

*All session details subject to change.

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Continuous Improvement Fundamentals

Targeted for individuals and work teams who are beginning the start of continuous improvement journey. Topics include: Introduction to Lean Sigma, 5S, How to create a visual factory, Choosing KPIs, Kaizen events, Value-stream mapping, The Gemba Walk, PDCA. 

Performance Metrics That MatterWhat you measure is what you get. We examine key metrics to drive continuous improvement.
Building a Problem-Solving MindsetLean is ultimately about developing the right culture, and that includes encouraging everyone to become a problem solver. Here’s what that means and why it’s important. And how to make it happen.
Lean Tools You Should KnowThere exist a host of lean tools to help continuous improvement thrive. This session will detail tools the lean beginner should have in their toolbox.
The Art of the Kaizen EventKaizen events can propel big improvements. This session looks at how to set up a kaizen event for maximum benefit.
Lean: Where to Begin?You’ve decided to embark on the lean journey, but you’re not certain where or how to begin. This session will provide guidance.

*All session details subject to change.

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