Perspectives on Preventing Serious Injuries and Fatalities - Nine Interventions That Really Matter

Organizations making significant progress in mitigating precursors to serious injuries and fatalities (SIF) have focused their efforts in nine key areas that have proven to have a significant impact on frontline performance, execution and outcomes. These nine areas, if improved, can make a real change to the security of workers’ safety in some of the most high-risk industries. In this session, we explore each of these nine areas and discuss many of the workstreams involved in these interventions. Lessons learned, data and leadership support strategies from successful client organizations will also be discussed.

Key takeaways:
• Learn how focusing on specific SIF intervention strategies will make a measurable difference.
• Learn how new SIF metrics and indicators can drive leadership behaviors and improve organizational support for preventing SIFs.
• Identify key elements of a governance and oversight framework for enabling sustainability of the SIF prevention effort.

Jim Spigener