Full Name
Daniel Hebert
Job Title
Behavioral Safety Specialist
Speaker Bio
Daniel Hebert spent two years as a contractor working at Waterford-3 Nuclear Power Facility prior to becoming employed by Shell. He began his career with Shell at the Geismar Chemical plant in 2003 as a Production Operator and became involved in our Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Process almost immediately. He was selected as the BBS Site Lead in 2011, leading a team of 20 to deliver a robust BBS Process before being identified as a successful candidate for his current role as the Behavioral Safety Specialist for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – where he works to grow the BBS Processes and Steering Teams across 10 offshore assets and numerous onshore sites from Permian Basin to New Orleans. Daniel’s current focus is on optimized team performance, data analysis/management, site & senior level leadership development/coaching, contractor training & coaching, Human Performance & SIF integration, as well as a number of other Behavioral Safety aspects of the business. Daniel graduated from LTC with an Associate’s in Process Technology. Attended Nicholl’s State University Petroleum & Exploration Bachelor’s program, with a minor in Occupational Safety.