Smucker's Innovates to Create New Production Floor - Balancing Speed and Safety with Brilliant Operations to Unlock Hidden Capacity

Smucker's co-innovates with GrayMatter to achieve faster production and better communication with the shop floor through powerful visualizations and a connected operations hub powered by timely, relevant data. Today's speakers will cover how Smucker's and GrayMatter empower employees and transform operations to meet increasing consumer demand.


• Enable social distancing in a production environment
• Visualize shop floor data to meet higher demands
• Rely on partners to increase speed of innovation
• Maximize operations and realize hidden capacity with a Manufacturing Execution System
• Standardize disparate systems into one layer
• Bring enterprise-wide data into a data cloud for cross-plant analytics
• Simplify with a clear structure, reducing variety
• Implement an asset-centric view and efficient processes to drive safer, more reliable operations
• Improve speed through lean governance and a rapid launch approach


Tod Virden John Baier