Full Name
John Dyer
Job Title
JD&A, Inc. – Process Innovation
Speaker Bio
John Dyer is an author, coach and trainer with 35 years of experience in the field of improving processes. His recently published book, The Façade of Excellence: Defining a New Normal of Leadership, examines the four leadership styles required to move an organization’s culture to one of trust, collaboration and teamwork. Dyer started his career with General Electric and then worked for Ingersoll-Rand before starting his own consulting company. He has had the opportunity to study with the leaders in the continuous improvement field, such as Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Brian Joiner and Stephen Covey.
Dyer has an electrical engineering degree from Tennessee Technological University as well as an international master of business degree from Purdue University and the University of Rouen in France. He is a contributing editor for IndustryWeek and a judge in the annual IW Best Plants competition.
John Dyer